all of this morning felt poured out of a truck
a little bit hardened and a little mixed up

flowing to find a place in the mold
you'd never imagine i could hold you hold you

grey and i'm slumping but solid in time
got steel for my bones and i'm good under pressure

she came along and gave me her hand and i'll keep it
forever and ever and ever and ever and...

it will be my whole life until i reach full strength

well my girl she's gone now and her hand
started a crack that runs deep in me

but i've got her children and her children's children
and her children's children's children

they've built a mighty house and it's walls are standing true on me

and i'm staying here as long as i can surprising inspectors with my silent power

and it'll be my whole life until i reach full strength

i know i won't last forever
but i'm not one to fear final days

although i've sometimes wished i was a pier
i'd collapse into the waves

but i know i've not been carrying her handprint in vain

she'll recognize it in me when i come to see her again

and it will be my whole life before i reach full strength



copyright 2004 daniel s. zimmerman