feeling my eyes restricted, voluntary, bonded to sights unlifted
from free surface fog wrapping airspace around you
hurts as I'm tearing my gaze back to paper

sleeping at night uplifted, solitary, falling in love arrested
by sighs that imploded crossing the room droplets so small that
they lodge in my half-wakeful

brain and they torture me just the right way find spots inside
and twist them in elegant tangles
lock them in place, i'm hoping I'll call you and you've found the keys

and you're beautiful
will I recover from you
yeah you're beautiful
I'm crazy to ever walk away

and you're beautiful
can i come back for you
and you're beautiful
got me in a haze

coming inside falling falling november is falling leaves and baring her trees
chill in the air is a herald of winter and maybe of snow it's better
washing the world down into white and gray and innocent air that slides around corners
and carries the powder in alleyway swirls and carries the message that spring's on vacation

and they're beautiful
softly crashing down
piling up piling up
smoothing rough ground city edges out

and they're beautiful
let another fall
and they're beautiful
never seen two the same

and you know i've tried so hard
and you know that i've searched and searched the yard

rain off the front eaves cascading past porch columns underlit bright whites displaying
sleek sheets of water en route to the bay through circuitous pathways make streams as I play
guitar in the dark you're grooving to something you're finding electricity in the strumming
and later we'll fall down together and share what's building tonight what's building tonight

and we're beautiful
song for perfect nights
and we're beautiful
feeling high

and we're all beautiful
and we're all beautiful
softer softer

work in progress on the rainy porch

finer points of precipitation


copyright 2003 daniel s. zimmerman